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Welcome to ARCS

What is ARCS?

ARCS is the Adastral Recreational Cricket Society.

Where is it?

ARCS is centred on Adastral Park, just outside Ipswich, and aims to provide cricket, primarily of a fun kind, for those based at the Park (and also various BT sites in the area) who do not play regularly.

Who can play?

For guidance on who can play please see the eligibility rule.

This web site

This web site is still a work in progress so do not be surprised if something doesn't behave quite as you would expect. If you spot any bugs or inaccuracies, or can think of any essential improvements let me know.


6th May 2007

To avoid clashes with matches at Ipswich School we have changed the venues of some matches. Could captains please check the revised fixture spreadsheet which will be sent out shortly. Some matches will now be on a different pitch at Henley Road, Finals will only be on the Ivry Street pitch where marked.

18th March 2007

All 7 teams have confirmed their places in the ARCS competitions for 2007 season, so we will be running the same one League & two Cup competition format as last year, the fixtures will be available in early April for an early May start.

As always, we welcome new players, so if you want to enjoy some social cricket (enthusiasm required, skill or experience optional) just contact one fo the committee or captains and we will gladly introduce you to ARCS cricket with one of our teams.

17th September 2006

The 2006 AGM and Presentation Evening will take place at the Dove Street Inn, Ipswich at 8:00pm, Mon 18th Sept, all captains & players are welcome to join us as we set the rules & formats for the 2007 season over a pint of ale.

25th August 2006

Congratulations to the Empty Raincoats, ARCS Premiership Champions 2006 !!

Details of the AGM and Presentation Evening will be available soon for the Raincoats to pick up their trophies, and all ARCS captains & players to have a say in a review of the 2006 season, and setting rules, structure, etc, for 2007 - and of course a pint & a chilli.

13th July 2006

Contratulations to the Runouts and the Fraud Squad, ARCS 2006 Cup & Plate winners respectively, after 2 competitive and enjoyable finals played in the sunshine at Ipswich School main ground.

30th June 2006

Congratulations to the Empty Raincoats and Runouts UnLimited, who will be contesting the Cup Final on Tues 11th July, and also to R17 and Fraud Squad who will be contesting the Plate Final the day after. Both finals will be played at the Main School ground (off Ivry Street), anyone is welcome to come & spectate.

6th May 2006

The sun is shining, and the evenings are getting lighter - must be the cricket season! ARCS 2006 season kicks off 8th May (fixtures now available via the link above); unfortunately we have lost 3 teams over the winter due to work commitments & creaking bones .... but on the plus side, it means more games for the keen souls that remain.

If there are any players out there with an association (however tenuous !!) to Adastral Park who would like to enjoy some social cricket in the Suffolk sunshine on week-day evenings, please contact one of the committee (details under "Guide" link above) and we will happily find you a new cricketing "home" with some like-minded individuals.

14th July 2005

The Plate Final turned into one of the best matches ARCS has seen in years. Out with a Bang! decided to bat first, based on the late arrival of one of their players by taxi. A steady stream of runs led to a total of 133. In reply, Fraud Squad started very slowly, being on only about 80 off 9 overs but put their big hitters in to the middle order to make for three very tense last overs. It all came down to Fraud Squad requiring 5 off two balls. They ran for three before the last batsman was run out leaving them one run short with one ball remaining but no wickets left. For his staunch effort in this excellent match, Fraud Squad player Gurvinder Singh was awarded Man of the Match.

9th May 2005

We Came Second!

An ARCS XI braved the rain & hail to play a friendly against Martlesham Nomads this weekend. Despite a fine 40 from Empty Raincoat's Prasad Pachala and an impressive new-ball spell from The Caught Jesters' Duncan Chapman, the ARCS 144 was passed by the Nomads for the loss of 2 wickets. Thanks to skipper Patrick & his Nomads team for their hospitality, and an enjoyable afternoon.

8th May 2005

Welcome to the 2005 season.

We have had to make a few rearrangements this year because of the consolidation of three teams into one. Give a warm welcome to Out With A Bang! and a fond farewell to Bullying & Charging, The Ball Ticklers XI and The Optimists. Led by Simon Judge and Sanjeev Mohan, Out With A Bang! start their campaign on May 16th against Empty Raincoats.

The main change is that the Cup & Plate start with a preliminary round of matches where each team plays 3 others chosen at random (no doubt using Jim's lucky dice). After the preliminary round the top 4 teams will play in the Cup semis and the next 4 in the Plate semis.

Once again Ipswich School have kindly said that we can play the semis and finals at the main School ground.

Here's hoping for a prolonged spell of good weather and cricket to match. May the best teams win, and more importantly, may we all enjoy it, win or lose.

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