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Additional Guidelines for Umpires

Square Leg Umpire

The square leg umpire can stand either side of the batsman and should be no more than a pitch length away (i.e. 22 yards).

No Balls

A no ball shall be called if the bowler's front foot oversteps the front line, or if the bowler's back foot moves outside the tramlines. A no ball will also be called if the bowler abuses the run-up rule.

A no ball shall also be called if the bowler abuses the Dangerous Bowling rule.


If the ball passes outside of the batsman's normal reach a wide shall be given. Batsmen must make a legitimate attempt to strike the ball, and not try and encourage a wide to be given. Balls bowled down the leg side are not encouraged and should be given as a wide if more than one is bowled in an over. (Obviously wides will not be awarded where the batsman hits the ball).

The umpire's decision will be final.