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DateHome TeamAway TeamCompetitionResultHANotes
Mon 5th May Monday (Bank Holiday) 
Tue 6th May Tuesday (No game) 
Wed 7th MayCaught JestersReapersPremier LeagueHome Win327ARCS cricket season has started, so it is officially summer! Thanks to Jon & the Reapers for a thoroughly enjoyable game played in the usual ARCS spirit.
Thu 8th MayResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedPremier LeaguePostponedGuess what - England in the spring - the touring side has arrived and now it's raining!
Fri 9th May Friday (No game) 
Mon 12th May Monday (spare) 
Tue 13th MayB&G UnlimitedCaught JestersPremier LeaguePostponedrain :(
Wed 14th MayFraud SquadResearch (R17)Premier LeagueHome Win1812Fantasting and a very close game which went to the last over.Game played with good spirit.Fraud Squad won the match with 5 balls to spare.
Thu 15th May Thursday (spare) 
Fri 16th May Friday (No game) 
Mon 19th May Monday (spare) 
Tue 20th MayCaught JestersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win626Jesters innings started well, then tailed off; R17 innings started well & then rudely didn't tail off! Closer than the points suggest, but still fairly comfortable for R17.
Wed 21st MayReapersFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win1231Started in the rain, finished in the dark, full of entertaining slides and comedy falls. Somewhere in between was some great cricket with FS completing a comfortable victory
Thu 22nd May Thursday (spare) 
Fri 23rd May Friday (No game) 
Mon 26th May Monday (Bank Holiday) 
Tue 27th MayCaught JestersFraud SquadPremier LeaguePostponedWater-logged pitch
Wed 28th MayB&G UnlimitedReapersPremier LeaguePostponedonly amphibians need apply
Thu 29th May Thursday (spare) 
Fri 30th May Friday (No game) 
Mon 2nd Jun Monday (spare) 
Tue 3rd JunFraud SquadB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win342Match played with good spirit , comfortable home win , As home team we helped away team as they were short and the players were very sportive , we thank the away team captain for helping a injured player from home team by calling up for ambulance etc.
Wed 4th JunReapersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win836Reapers were never in it with only 7 players despite the loan of 2 fielders from R17. Credit to both teams for completing the match with good spirit in trying weather conditions. R17 posted 175 and Reapers were bowled out for 55 in their last over.
Thu 5th Jun Thursday (spare) 
Fri 6th Jun Friday (No Game) 
Mon 9th Jun Monday (spare) 
Tue 10th JunB&G UnlimitedResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win824Close game played in a good spirit.
Wed 11th JunReapersCaught JestersPremier LeagueAway Win1024Cracking match, which went to the last ball. Special mention for Siddharth, who dragged the Jesters' back into the match with a hat-trick & James who scored a 20 for the "wrong" team.
Thu 12th Jun Thursday (spare) 
Fri 13th Jun Friday (No game) 
Mon 16th Jun Monday (spare) 
Tue 17th JunResearch (R17)Caught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win294What a gorgeous evening on almost the longest day R17 rack up 146 on a piutch of variable bounce and Jesters lose early wickets and then have to consolidate - excellent last stand by Richard and Dave
Wed 18th JunTBA (home)TBA (away)Premier LeagueSpecialPitch Not available
Thu 19th JunFraud SquadReapersPremier LeagueHome Win404I must say that last night was a record in ARCS history with FS posting 204 runs.Reapers effort should be appreciated as they were trying their best to chase the score.There were few eye catching Sixes and fours smashed by the FS players.
Fri 20th Jun Friday (No game) 
Mon 23rd Jun Monday (spare) 
Tue 24th JunReapersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAbandonedB&G made a good start but the rain started in the 7th over and 20 minutes later we had to abandon the match.
Wed 25th JunFraud SquadCaught JestersPremier LeaguePostponedPitch availability issue - game moved to Thursday 26th.
Thu 26th JunFraud SquadCaught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win2119Enjoyable match, with the Jesters falling just short of the FS's 138.
Fri 27th Jun Friday (No game) 
Mon 30th Jun Monday (spare) 
Tue 1st JulResearch (R17)Fraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win1426R17 posted 134 on a dry slow pitch against accurate bowling with 3 20s. FS chased down the total with 3 or so balls to spare - always just ahead of the rate but R17 regularly took wickets - a very exciting finish.
Wed 2nd JulReapersB&G UnlimitedCupAway WinClose game, B&G steadily built an innings of 123, Reapers were ahead of the run rate but slowed at the end giving B&G Unlimited their first win of the season.
Thu 3rd Jul Thursday (spare) 
Fri 4th Jul Friday (No game) 
Mon 7th JulResearch (R17)Caught JestersCupHome WinThe Jesters' innings started at a pace then slowed; R17 started slowly then accelerated; the latter proved a more successful strategy in a close match.
Tue 8th JulFraud SquadB&G UnlimitedCupPostponedIl pleut
Wed 9th Jul Wednesday 
Thu 10th Jul Thursday (Cup semi reserve) 
Fri 11th Jul Friday (No game) 
Mon 14th Jul Monday (spare) 
Tue 15th JulCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeaguePostponedPotentially rescheduled to Mon 21st July (subject to pitch availability)
Wed 16th JulB&G UnlimitedFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win737FS in to Finals..It was a good match with FS posting 180+ and B&G all out at 70+.
Thu 17th Jul Thursday (spare) 
Fri 18th Jul Friday (No game) 
Mon 21st JulCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win246Good fun, good banter, good pint afterwards!
Tue 22nd JulResearch (R17)Fraud SquadCupHome Win00Game forfeited by Fraud Squad - not played. Their Captain disagreed with the bowler's run-up marks set by the umpires. As he refused to put his players on the field the match was forfeited and the umpires awarded the Cup to R17. Committee investigating.
Wed 23rd JulResearch (R17)ReapersPremier LeagueHome Win1811Reapers won the toss for the 1st time this year and batted in the sunshine, scoring steadily to post 115. Despite steadily losing wickets throughout, R17 won the good spirited game with 9 balls to spare.
Thu 24th Jul Thursday (Cup Final reserve) 
Fri 25th Jul Friday (No game) 
Mon 28th Jul Monday (spare) 
Tue 29th JulCaught JestersFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win923
Wed 30th JulB&G UnlimitedReapersPremier LeagueAway Win1022Very close game played in true ARCS spirit 10 players in each team - overs reduced to 15 x 6 ball overs each Reapers scored 105 went down to last 2 balls with a spectacular catch by Repears Pete Taylor on the boundary saving the 4 - BGU made 104, 1 short.
Thu 31st Jul Thursday (spare) 
Fri 1st Aug Friday (No game) 
Mon 4th Aug Monday (spare) 
Tue 5th AugB&G UnlimitedFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win433Enjoyable game. BGU batted first and struggled against some accurate bowling.FS knocked the runs off in 7 overs.
Wed 6th AugResearch (R17)ReapersPremier LeagueHome Win295Match reduced to 6 ball overs as pitch wasn't available until 6pm. Reapers posted a steady 78, R17 made it in the 10th over, helped by a 4 ball retirement by Girish!
Thu 7th Aug Thursday (spare) 
Fri 8th Aug Friday (No game) 
Mon 11th Aug Monday (spare) 
Tue 12th AugCaught JestersReapersPremier LeagueAway Win1219Both team's inning tailed off in the latter overs, however Reapers tailed off to 119/8 & Jesters to 99/5. And a total of 69 extras across the 30 overs, is this an ARCS record?
Wed 13th AugResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win2910Great game played in very friendly atmosphere. B&G got a flier but were pegged back to 119 by accurate bowling. R17 used the long handle to reach the target in 10 overs
Thu 14th Aug Thursday (spare) 
Fri 15th Aug Friday (No game) 
Mon 18th Aug Monday (spare) 
Tue 19th AugCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win1422Close match, with B&G overtaking the Jesters' total with 3 balls & 2 wickets remaining!
Wed 20th AugResearch (R17)Fraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win624Very close game - with R17 Restricting FS to 113 with tight bowling. R17 kept up with the rate but ran out of wickets in the gathering gloom.
Thu 21st Aug Thursday (spare) 
Fri 22nd Aug Friday (No game) 
Mon 25th Aug Monday (spare) 
Tue 26th AugReapersFraud SquadPremier LeaguePostponedNot enough wetsuits to go round :-(
Wed 27th AugCaught JestersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win1729A match played in the true ARCS spirit to end the season, with the Jesters falling 17 runs short in their chase of R17's 153.
Thu 28th Aug Thursday (spare) 
Fri 29th Aug Friday 
Mon 1st Sep Monday 
Tue 2nd Sep Tuesday 
Wed 3rd Sep Wednesday 
Thu 4th Sep Thursday 
Fri 5th Sep Friday 
Mon 8th Sep Monday 
Tue 9th Sep Tuesday 
Wed 10th Sep Wednesday 
Thu 11th Sep Thursday 
Fri 12th Sep Friday 
Mon 15th Sep Monday 
Tue 16th Sep Tuesday 
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