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DateHome TeamAway TeamCompetitionResultHANotes
Mon 4th May Bank Holiday Monday 
Tue 5th MayCaught JestersReapersPremier LeaguePostponedRain
Wed 6th MayResearch (R17)Fraud SquadPremier LeaguePostponedDue to rain
Thu 7th May Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 8th May Friday (No Game) 
Mon 11th May Monday (Spare) 
Tue 12th MayFraud SquadCaught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win288Good game with Caught jesters posting 105 and FS chasing it in 9 overs.
Wed 13th MayB&G UnlimitedResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win1130High scoring game played in a good spirit. R17 batted first and reached 165 following some mixed bowling and fielding. B&G batted well but fell around 20 runs short.
Thu 14th May Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 15th May Friday (No Game) 
Mon 18th May Monday (Spare) 
Tue 19th MayCaught JestersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win718R17 posted 104 in 10 overs and CJ were never really up with the rate. Controversially no points upgrade for shortened game - so no chance of us agreeing to another short game
Wed 20th MayReapersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeaguePostponedIt rained!
Thu 21st May Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 22nd May Friday (No Game) 
Mon 25th May Bank Holiday 
Tue 26th MayCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win924B&G posted a competitive 134, and the Jesters were ahead of the required run-rate for a whole 2 overs before slowing to lose by 44 runs.
Wed 27th MayFraud SquadReapersPremier LeagueHome Win342Good sunshine and a good game..Reapers posted 68 for all out and FS chased it in 5 overs.
Thu 28th May Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 29th May Friday (No Game) 
Mon 1st Jun Monday (Spare) 
Tue 2nd JunB&G UnlimitedFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win1721Close game despite B&G only having 7 players. Thanks to FS for the loan of a couple of fielders. B&G posted 136 for 2. FS reached the target with a couple of overs to spare.
Wed 3rd JunReapersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueHome ForfeitReapers unable to field a side
Thu 4th Jun Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 5th Jun Friday (No Game) 
Mon 8th Jun Monday (Spare) 
Tue 9th JunResearch (R17)Caught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win2510Enjoyable 10-a-side game. Jesters 108/4, R17 109/4 in 10.3 overs
Wed 10th JunB&G UnlimitedReapersPremier LeagueAway ForfeitReapers unable to raise a team
Thu 11th Jun Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 12th Jun Friday (No Game) 
Mon 15th Jun Monday (Spare) 
Tue 16th JunFraud SquadResearch (R17)Premier LeagueHome Win2713R17 posted 110 and FS chased it in 11 overs. R17 20-30 runs short of a competitive total - FS bowled a good tight line.
Wed 17th JunReapersCaught JestersPremier LeagueAway Win1627Not a night for the bowlers, 336 runs scored and not a bowling point between us! Jesters chased Reapers record total of 167 with a 10 balls left.
Thu 18th Jun Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 19th Jun Friday (No Game) 
Mon 22nd Jun Monday (Spare) 
Tue 23rd JunReapersFraud SquadPremier LeaguePostponedPitch not available. Will be rearranged later in season.
Wed 24th JunB&G UnlimitedCaught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win318The Jesters' 107/9 never felt like a defendable total - and so it proved! An enjoyable match played in the traditional ARCS manner.
Thu 25th Jun Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 26th Jun Friday (No Game) 
Mon 29th Jun Monday (Spare) 
Tue 30th JunFraud SquadB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win2813B&G batted first and posted 149. FS chased it comfortably in 13 overs.Overall fantastic game in a beautiful weather.
Wed 1st JulCaught JestersReapersCupHome Win
Thu 2nd Jul Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 3rd Jul Friday (No Game) 
Mon 6th Jul Monday (Spare) 
Tue 7th JulFraud SquadCaught JestersCupHome Win
Wed 8th JulResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedCupHome WinR17 restricted B&G to under 100 on a damp pitch (sticky dog!) with batting very difficult R17 then got ahead of the rate when the game ended in the 10th over by which time we were all quite damp!. Thanks to B&G for a sporting game and staying on
Thu 9th JulTBA (home)TBA (away)CupNo ResultNot needed
Fri 10th Jul Friday (No Game) 
Mon 13th Jul Monday (Spare) 
Tue 14th JulCaught JestersFraud SquadPremier LeagueHome ForfeitJesters unable to field a side
Wed 15th JulResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win207Super game played in great ARCS spirit. R17 restricted B&G to 95 but batting again not easy with B&G bowling tightly and holding R17 until about 10 balls to spare
Thu 16th Jul Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 17th Jul Friday (No Game) 
Mon 20th JulFraud SquadResearch (R17)CupHome WinCongrats to the Fraud Squad, ARCS Cup winners.
Tue 21st Jul Tuesday 
Wed 22nd JulResearch (R17)ReapersPremier LeagueHome Win362R17 rack up 196
Thu 23rd JulTBA (home)TBA (away)CupCancellednot needed
Fri 24th Jul Friday (No Game) 
Mon 27th Jul Monday (Spare) 
Tue 28th JulCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeaguePostponedWe turned up, it rained, we went down the Greyhound
Wed 29th JulFraud SquadReapersPremier LeagueAway ForfeitReapers unable to field a side
Thu 30th Jul Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 31st Jul Friday (No Game) 
Mon 3rd Aug Monday (Spare) 
Tue 4th AugFraud SquadB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win235B&G batted first and posted 97.FS chased 97 in 10 overs.Good game played.
Wed 5th AugResearch (R17)ReapersPremier LeagueHome Win256
Thu 6th Aug Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 7th Aug Friday (No Game) 
Mon 10th Aug Monday (Spare) 
Tue 11th AugCaught JestersReapersPremier LeagueHome Win2111Enjoyable match, played in the true ARCS spirit.
Wed 12th AugResearch (R17)Fraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win1025R17 post 106 in 12 overs but FS overhaul this with an over to spare. FS complete the double - well done. R17 not consistent enough in all departments.
Thu 13th Aug Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 14th Aug Friday (No Game) 
Mon 17th Aug Monday (Spare) 
Tue 18th AugCaught JestersFraud SquadPremier LeaguePostponedIt rained . . . a lot
Wed 19th AugResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Win2510B&G bat well against the new ball and R17 bowl too short until veteran seamer Eardly rolls back the years. Wisely juggles one at point. 104 is tough but Vikus blast gets 17 away. Great game in good spirit and great fun
Thu 20th Aug Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 21st Aug Friday (No Game) 
Mon 24th Aug Monday (Spare) 
Tue 25th AugReapersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueCancelled00Lots of wind and rain meant we were not able to start our last match of the season :-(
Wed 26th AugCaught JestersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win219ARCS answer to the Waughs opened for CJ and did well until veteran seamer Eadley bowled some testing medium pace. Restricted to 73 CJ bowled well and made R17 work for the runs, Excellent game in soggy conditions played in true ARCS spirit
Thu 27th Aug Thursday (Spare) 
Fri 28th Aug Friday (No Game)