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DateHome TeamAway TeamCompetitionResultHANotes
Tue 3rd MayCaught JestersReapersPremier LeagueAway Win1330The Jesters were up with the required run-rate, chasing 156 to win, until the last couple of overs. Thanks to the Fraud Squad for loaning players to the Reapers to enable the match to go ahead.
Wed 4th MayB&G UnlimitedResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win1233R17 get off to a flyer and thanks to a series of batsmen getting 20 on an easy paced pitch and Venkat hitting a number of 6s at the end finished on 175 B&G were in the hunt for a long time - only veteran seamer Eardley's 2nd over ending the charge
Thu 5th May Thursday 
Mon 9th May Monday 
Tue 10th MayFraud SquadCaught JestersPremier LeaguePostponedRained all day, match postponed.
Wed 11th MayB&G UnlimitedReapersPremier LeagueHome Win249Low scoring game with few wickets. Reapers started well but slowed in later overs reaching 89. B&G reached target in 10 overs. Enjoyable game played in a good spirit.
Thu 12th May Thursday 
Mon 16th May Monday 
Tue 17th MayReapersFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win929Reapers posted 98 and FS chased it in 10 overs.
Wed 18th MayCaught JestersResearch (R17)Premier LeaguePostponedThe Jesters are scheduled to play, so obviously it's raining again.
Thu 19th May Thursday 
Mon 23rd May Monday 
Tue 24th MayCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win725Jesters totaled 7 players and so were thankful to bat first. Quality bowling from B&G meant scoring was slow and we posted just 89. Despite kindly lending us some fielders to fill the gaps in the field B&G chased down the score in less than 10 overs
Wed 25th MayResearch (R17)Fraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win827R17 scored 116 in 15 overs. FS managed to chase it in 12 overs. Overall it was a good game.. Overcast night and plenty of swing for the pink ball. R17 down to 10
Thu 26th May Thursday 
Mon 30th May Monday 
Tue 31st MayFraud SquadB&G UnlimitedPremier LeaguePostponedMore rain
Wed 1st JunReapersResearch (R17)Premier LeaguePostponedPostponed due to bad weather
Thu 2nd Jun Thursday 
Mon 6th Jun Monday 
Tue 7th JunReapersCaught JestersPremier LeagueAway Win1627Tight Reapers bowling kept the CJ run rate down early on and some good batting thereafter ended their innings on 142 on a fast hard pitch. Reapers scored quickly and only needed 40 off 6 overs but fell short off the last ball. Great game on a balmy eve.
Wed 8th JunResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win1527R17 were restricted to 142 on a sultry summer's evening. B&G chased this down in 14 overs thanks to some hard hitting and slightly wide bowling. Very friendly game. One win each going into the crunch semi final. Mad Dog returns next week.
Thu 9th Jun Thursday 
Mon 13th Jun Monday 
Tue 14th JunFraud SquadResearch (R17)Premier LeaguePostponed
Wed 15th JunReapersCaught JestersCupNo ResultCup Quarter Final
Thu 16th JunFraud SquadB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win1330Fantastic game of cricket played in a competitive but good spirit. Either team could've won. Great credit to both sides. B&G scored 151.FS needed 3 runs from 3 balls with the last pair standing but couldn't complete the run chase!
Mon 20th Jun Monday 
Tue 21st JunFraud SquadReapersCupHome WinFS choose to bat and posted 222 runs. Reapers all out in 98..
Wed 22nd JunResearch (R17)B&G UnlimitedCupHome WinB&G batted but were restricted by tight R17 bowling - with the ball swinging. R17 fielded and caught well to restrict the score to 99-9. B&G also bowled well but shelled a couple of chances and R17 got the runs in12 overs. Great game, excellent spirit
Thu 23rd JunTBA (home)TBA (away)CupNo ResultCup Semi-Final Reserve Day Not needed - R17 to play FS in two weeks
Mon 27th Jun Monday 
Tue 28th JunCaught JestersFraud SquadPremier LeagueHome Forfeit00Jesters struggling to raise a team. Again.
Wed 29th JunReapersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueHome Forfeit00Reapers unable to field a side
Thu 30th Jun Thursday 
Mon 4th Jul Monday 
Tue 5th Jul Tuesday 
Wed 6th JulFraud SquadResearch (R17)CupHome WinWell done to FS for another cup win. R17 lost the toss and lost wickets steadily on a sluggish pitch to post a slightly under par 112 with Rajesh and Dev getting 20s. FS started slowly against tight bowling but accelerated after over10 and won in over 13
Thu 7th JulCaught JestersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win1030Good game, played in excellent spirit. Thanks to B&G for the loan of fielders.
Mon 11th Jul Monday 
Tue 12th JulFraud SquadReapersPremier LeagueNo Result
Wed 13th JulResearch (R17)Caught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win2410Close game by all accounts
Thu 14th Jul Thursday 
Mon 18th Jul Monday 
Tue 19th JulB&G UnlimitedFraud SquadPremier LeagueCancelled-30-30Outcome Confirmed. Both teams deducted 30 points as a result of disciplinary issues arising during the match.
Wed 20th JulResearch (R17)ReapersPremier LeagueHome Win302Reapers reach 58 and R17 knock them off
Thu 21st Jul Thursday 
Mon 25th Jul Monday 
Tue 26th JulReapersB&G UnlimitedPremier LeagueAway Win231
Wed 27th JulFraud SquadCaught JestersPremier LeagueHome Win394Fraud Squad posted 211/4, the Jesters fell somewhat short.
Thu 28th Jul Thursday 
Mon 1st Aug Monday 
Tue 2nd AugFraud SquadReapersPremier LeaguePostponedRained all day, match postponed.
Wed 3rd AugCaught JestersResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win426CJ get 70 odd and R17 knock them off in 5 overs with 10 wickets in hand
Thu 4th Aug Thursday 
Mon 8th Aug Monday 
Tue 9th AugB&G UnlimitedCaught JestersPremier LeagueAway ForfeitJesters unable to field a side
Wed 10th AugResearch (R17)Fraud SquadPremier LeagueHome Win2412FS bat and get 105 - R17 always slightly ahead of the rate but nail biting last 2 overs and scramble home with 2 balls to spare. Veteran seamer Eardleys last over for 2 runs critical
Thu 11th Aug Thursday 
Mon 15th Aug Monday 
Tue 16th AugB&G UnlimitedFraud SquadPremier LeagueAway Win520very close game - B&G won the toss and decided to bowl - FS posted 106 , B&G were ahead of the run rate up to the 5th over despite early setbacks but fell a few runs short at the end.
Wed 17th AugResearch (R17)ReapersPremier LeagueAway ForfeitReapers unable to field a side
Thu 18th Aug Thursday 
Mon 22nd Aug Monday 
Tue 23rd AugReapersCaught JestersPremier LeagueHome ForfeitReapers unable to field a team
Wed 24th AugB&G UnlimitedResearch (R17)Premier LeagueAway Win724B&G bat and are held back by amazing catching that sees 5 wickets fall in 4 overs. 83 total and R17 chase it down in 10 overs. Great game in true ARCS spirit. Well done R17- great team effort on the last day of the season.
Thu 25th Aug Thursday